What makes it so special? 

We’re often asked, ‘what makes this so special?’ A thinly disguised comment usually prompted by a flip of the price tag! When the online offer for decorative items, works of art, vintage collectables and antiques is so bountiful and easily available, from Etsy to eBay, it’s often confusing to know what to buy, what offers good value, and what distinguishes what sometimes looks to be the very same item.  It’s all about ‘learning to look’ and asking lots of questions, don’t be shy, it’s the best way to learn and rest assured, most purveyors love talking about their stock.

Key factors that influence the price

Age and Rarity:  Just because something is old, doesn’t mean it’s rare.   How unique is the piece, are there only a few remaining examples made by fine craftsmen, or was the object mass produced and so there may be many available on the open market.

Condition:  All antiques will show some signs of wear, but you need to consider if the piece has been substantially altered.  Original condition is highly desirable. 

Popularity : We can’t ignore trends, what were popular interior trends twenty years ago in some circumstances are no longer the case.  As space increasingly becomes a premium in our houses, we need to make every piece count.∙      

Style and function: A distinctive style that fits well with other furniture and makes a very useful addition that can be used and admired for years to come is a key factor.