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A Vintage Carved Folk Art Seated Pig

A Vintage Carved Folk Art Seated Pig

H:39 with stand x W:43 cm
Weathered painted surface with loss to part of snout. A charming naive sculpture that was probably part of an architectural scheme or other outdoor decorative feature.

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Campagna Collections is a unique source of carefully selected art and antiques that will beautifully complement any interior, architectural and garden setting from the classical to modern. 

Whether searching for the finest examples, eclectic or just quirky, our team can help. We bring a breadth of knowledge based on experience in the international fine art market, conservation, and design. We offer distinctive items each with stories of the craftsmen that made them, revealed in their rich unique original patina. 

Campagna Collections Mirror and Decorative Arts Sculpture

Campagna Collections

Each of our featured new arrivals, while distinctive with their own style, would have been quite at home together.  In the English country house 100 years ago or more, the armchairs were essential furnishings of a formal library where one might sit and read of the wonders and intrigue of the east and other exotic locations and dreaming of their own Grand Tour. 

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The Team

Peter Kohn has extensive experience in the international art market, where he developed a careful eye for the authentic, exceptional design and craftsmanship. 

Nancy Bell’s training in art conservation has nurtured her curiosity for things old and new, how they were made, and the stories they hold.  Her passions for gardening and the work of contemporary artists are blended in Campagna Collections. 

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